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A Letter From Our Executive Director:

More than 40 years ago, Congress passed the federal Fair Housing Act.  Connecticut has protected its residents from housing discrimination since at least 1963.  The state and federal fair housing laws were designed to put the choice of where to live in the hands of the person looking for housing.  The choice is yours because housing location is so important. Where you live affects every aspect of your life and you should be able to choose the place that best first your needs. 

This guide is designed to help you make a choice that makes sense for you and your family by guiding you through a process that asks you to think about what is important to you in your next home.  For some people, leaving their current neighborhood is not an option because of the family and social support located there.  For others, moving to a new city or town represents an opportunity to get more of what they need including access to employment, schools, or a bigger apartment.  What is important is that your move gets you what you want in a new home. Check out the menu on the right to download a guide and get additional resources.

Keep this guide with you throughout your housing search and after your move in to your new place.  From moving in to moving out, the guide will answer most of the questions tenants ask.

Good luck finding the home you want in the location you choose.  But do not hesitate to call us if you experience housing discrimination along the way.

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Erin Kemple

CT Fair Housing