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Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, U.S. cities and towns could apply for federal funding to
revitalize urban areas. The funding was designed to improve infrastructure for public safety and
to support growing dependency on the automobile. The hope was that these improvements
would encourage private investment back into the cities. Unfortunately, 1000s of households
lost their homes during urban renewal, and research shows that urban renewal displacement
disparately impacted people of color. The impact of displacement contributes to lower rates of
homeownership for Black and Latinx families today.

In New London, Connecticut, the Winthrop Cove Urban Renewal Project displaced an estimated
667 families, and destroyed about 690 homes. Research suggests that 25% of households
displaced were people of color. The City of New London in partnership with the Connecticut
Fair Housing Center wishes to learn more about what types of housing was lost and who lost
their homes. 

There are no other openings at this time.

The Connecticut Fair Housing Center is an equal opportunity employer. 

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