Education & Outreach

Education is a key piece of the fight against housing discrimination.  The Center’s education & outreach efforts include:

  • Training on state and federal fair housing laws for residents, community organizations, housing professionals, and state and local officials, to ensure residents understand their rights and that housing professionals and decision-makers understand the fair housing laws
  • Hosting fair lending and mortgage clinics to assist home buyers and homeowners with questions or concerns about applying for a home loan without discrimination, keeping a mortgage, and foreclosure prevention A woman stands at the front of an audience with a Power Point presentation in the background
  • Publishing guides, reportsfact sheets, brochures,  and other educational materials to help people understand their fair housing rights, prevent unnecessary home foreclosures, promote housing mobility, and teach about the history of housing discrimination and segregation in Connecticut
  • Community education projects like the Fair Housing Tour and Fair Housing Poster Contest
  • Outreach with tenant groups, community organizations, at community fairs and other events to stay engaged and informed about the fair housing needs of the community

To learn more about our education and outreach work, please click on the links about each specific program or contact our Education & Outreach Coordinator, Rashida Rattray, at

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