Foreclosure Guide for Homeowners

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Represent Yourself in Foreclosure:
A Guide for Connecticut Homeowners

The Center’s “Represent Yourself in Foreclosure: A Guide for Connecticut Homeowners” is available free of charge in English (12th edition) and in Spanish (11th edition).

The guide offers a comprehensive, easy-to-follow road map through the mortgage foreclosure process.

It also contains dozens of resources for a homeowner facing foreclosure, including sample official forms, and a directory of sources for additional information and help.

If you are in danger of foreclosure, we strongly recommend you attend one of our Foreclosure Prevention Clinics or make an appointment with us for a Foreclosure Advice Virtual Meeting.

You can also:

  • Download a copy of the guide in English here.
  • Baja una copia de la guía en Español aquí.
  • Or fill out the form below, and we will mail a Guide to you.

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