Opportunity Project Overview

Housing, free of discrimination, is both a right and an opportunity. Where you live often determines the quality of education your children receive, the employment options and health services you enjoy, the availability of child care, and access to other important life opportunities.

Unfortunately, access to opportunities differs greatly by race and national origin. People of color are far more likely to live in communities without thriving schools, safe neighborhoods, and social networks that lead to jobs.

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Through the Opportunity Project, the Connecticut Fair Housing Center is drawing attention to the high level of segregation in Connecticut — and to the connection between this segregation and access to opportunities for success.

The Center is producing research, reports and guides that highlight the consequences of racial and ethnic segregation, its history, its current causes, and the remedies.

It has been holding focus groups across the state with residents living in lower-opportunity communities.

And, as part of the Opportunity Project, the Center will be working with its partners to advocate for opportunity-promoting measures with state agencies and with a range of housing stakeholders.

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* Visit the Opportunity Project’s “Connecticut Zoning Initiative,” a comparison of all the state’s local zoning ordinances (developed in conjunction with Trinity College’s Cities and Suburbs Project).

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