Fair Housing Research & Advocacy

The Center conducts systemic research to measure the prevalence of housing discrimination in Connecticut’s housing markets, evaluate access to opportunity and levels of segregation in the state, and assess other systemic fair housing issues, and periodically publishes reports detailing its findings. Visit our Guides and Reports page to learn more.

In addition, the Center advocates for the protection and expansion of existing fair housing laws and for public policies and practices that better ensure equal access to housing, protect homeowners’ rights, and foster more integrated, inclusive communities.  The Center’s Executive Director is a member of the state’s Fair Housing Working Group, which is tasked with proposing policy recommendations at the statewide level to improve equitable access to housing.  In addition, we have also published guides and video trainings for zoning officials, housing providers, and other decision-makers on compliance with the state and federal fair housing laws.  We also work to identify and challenge discriminatory policies and practices that prevent people from living where they choose.


Fair Housing Guides & Reports

Opportunity Project

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