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The Center offers fair housing training to low-income households, to social service and housing agencies, and to housing providers — including (but not limited to) real estate agents, housing managers and maintenance staff, condominium associations, and cooperatives.


Staff is available to come to you and your group and explain the law, meet with potential victims of discrimination, and show how our services might help you obtain the housing you want. In the past, the Center has provided training to such groups as:

  • Residents and staff of homeless shelters
  • Social workers assisting families with children
  • Social service agencies assisting clients with housing searches
  • Domestic violence advocates
  • Independent living advocates
  • Medical personnel who work with people with disabilities
  • Veterans advocates

… and to many others.

We can schedule a training, in English or in Spanish, day or evening. Contact us here.

Note: A fee is charged for trainings for housing agencies and other housing providers.  All other trainings are free.

 Fair Housing Training Materials

AFFHT for Fair Housing Officers 
AFFHT for Municipal Leaders
Creating An Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan and Section 3 Compliance
AFFHT for Community Development and Planning Officials

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