Unsung Heroines

An ode to women of color in fair housing.

In celebration of Fair Housing Month, the Center’s education and outreach coordinator, Rashida Rattray, brought to life a presentation to honor the contributions of women of color in the fair housing and civil rights movements. Too often these stories are not told in our history books. Ms. Rattray explains “my pride in being a Black woman is the center of who I am, and I am always trying to highlight that in my work. I want women of color to be able to embrace their Blackness that is too often tokenized and rarely praised. The motivation for me to lift up these stories, and gather women of color, is because in my own upbringing we never see this type of work.”

The presentation will highlight fair housing and civil rights leaders of yesterday and today, and we hope to motivate future women of color to join in our fight for housing equity. The fight for fair housing is our fight for racial justice.

Watch the webinar below!

Please see below for our virtual exhibit that will allow you to interact with more information on the women of color in fair housing!

A Spotify playlist has also been curated for this event! These songs, sang by black artists not only highlights the obstacles faced by people of color, but their triumphs as well. Check it out below!

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